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Deep Fake Video Showing Kamala Harris Talking About Giving Head to Get Ahead on CNN Goes Viral

As technology increases the era of misinformation continues to become more and more dangerous. Skilled experts can now create scenarios that can trick many people into thinking it really happened. For example a few weeks ago the White House was accused of using deep fake technology to pretend Joe Biden gave a speech. In a more hilarious scenario there is now a deep fake video of Kamala Harris going viral, and you won’t believe how real it looks.

Deep Fake Video Showing Kamala Harris Talking About Giving Head to Get Ahead on CNN Goes Viral

Workplace discrimination based on gender is real problem all across the world. There are many cases where women have to put their bodies on the line in the most intimate ways just to get higher ranking positions in the workforce. A deep fake video showing Kamala Harris talking about giving top to get ahead on CNN focuses on this topic with a mix comedy involved.

Everything about the video was edited so perfectly many people would believe it actually happened if the topic of conversation wasn’t so absurd for a politician.

Not only does the deep fake video make it seem like Kamala Harris endorsed women giving head to increase their position in the workforce, it also made it seem like she described tactics that should be used while performing the intimate act. In addition they added bleeps on the words that might have distracted from the scenario it was trying to convey, which made it seem like she was using vulgar words to describe the intimate act. The end result was artistic perfection, and what seems like a Dave Chappelle Show sketch. Take a look.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if politicians were really this candid and honest about things? That’s what the video made us think about most. In many cases politicians don’t practice what they preach, or just say the things that they think people want to hear.

With that said the context of this deep fake video is a real issue that many women, and even some men go through everyday when trying to reach the pinnacles of their careers, which is a major problem that may never be solved. One example are the allegations of how The Rock got his break in the wrestling world.

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