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Doja Cat Releases Statement About Video of Her in a Racist Alt-Right Chat Room

Doja Cat released a statement about the video of her in a racist Alt-Right chat room. Many people were waiting for Doja Cat to finally speak on the alleged racist incidents of her past, and she had a lot to say to her fans in the message.

Doja Cat admitted she was in the alt-right chat room, but assured her fans she never said anything racist. To her defense she didn’t say anything racist in the leaked video. She also mentioned here South African heritage and proclaimed she is proud of it.

She also apologized for using a racist slang term as a song title, and said it was meant to flip the meaning on the people that use in a negative light.

Lastly, Doja Cat promised her fans that she would prove to them she meant everything she said in her statement. However, judging from the reaction so far, many people are not buying her apology.

Author: JordanThrilla

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