Fake Nipsey Hussle Clone Appears in California making Fans of Nipsey Hussle Very Angry.

A man that looks exactly like Nipsey Hussle has allegedly been walking around California saying he is really Nipsey Hussle. The man dubbed the “Nipsey Hussle Clone” shares the same facial features, beard, tattoos, and skin color as Nipsey Hussle.

It truly looks like a clone of the fallen rapper.

Fans are angry because they seem to feel the man is disrespecting Nipsey Hussle by pretending to be him everyday. Other fans see Nipsey Hussle’s clone as someone suffering from mental illness, whom may need help.

Another theory could be that he is just simply a Nipsey Hussle superfan, who happens to look exactly like him too.

Whatever the case maybe, this Nipsey Hussle clone has riled up a major storm among angry fans.

Author: JordanThrilla