A Gervonta Davis glove cheating conspiracy theory is going viral, and Gervonta Davis has responded. Gervonta Davis is accused of cheating by switching his gloves right before his fight with Leo Santa Cruz. People pointed that the gloves Gervonta Davis wore during the match were noticeably different from the Gloves the commission signed off on before the fight.

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Gervonta Davis wore white gloves during the match, but the commission signed off on the Grant gloves he was wearing minutes before the match. Gervonta Davis responded to the cheating accusations saying “I changed my gloves because my first pair was uncomfortable. I do not have to cheat to win“.

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Take a look at the evidence supporting the Gervonta Davis glove cheating conspiracy theory, and his response.

Here is the video from before the fight where the boxing commission expecting the Grant gloves he was wearing.

Gervonta Davis knocked out Leo Santa Cruz for the first time in his career. A monstrous uppercut dropped Leo Santa Cruz instantly.

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Did Gervonta Davis cheat with his gloves to score that knockout?

Since it can’t be proven at the moment, it remains the Gervonta Davis Glove Cheating Conspiracy Theory.

Author: JordanThrilla

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