When news broke that James Harden wanted out of Houston, Westbrook was still on the roster. After Rockets traded him for John Wall and acquired Demarcus Cousins, the news stayed the same to the surprise of many. Today it was learned that James Harden disrespected John Wall’s existence on Rockets roster. James Harden is treating John Wall like he’s worthless if the stories are true.

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The evidence is in a statement from Woj saying James Harden is “unmoved and uninterested” about the John Wall trade. This could explain why he hasn’t shown up for preseason games and practices.

Many people thought there would be an instant connection between John Wall and James Harden, because of their alleged Blood Gang Ties. However, it seems James Harden is strictly thinking basketball, and to him John Wall just isn’t good enough.

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The chemistry between them has already been tarnished before they even stepped foot on the court together. James Harden disrespected John Wall’s basketball career in the worst way possible, he won’t even show up to play with him.

Going forward it will be interesting to see how John Wall handles James Harden basically telling him he’s not worthy of his time.

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The Impostor Behind the Beard strikes again, this time John Wall is the victim.

Author: JordanThrilla

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