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Jimmy Butler Fights Dwight Howard During Game 5 of 2020 NBA Finals Only 4 Minutes Into The Game

Only 4 minutes in to Game 5 of the 2020 NBA Finals Jimmy Butler fights Dwight Howard during a scramble for a rebound. The fight between Dwight Howard and Jimmy Butler was a wrestling match, which spilled out of bounds. Jimmy Butler held on to Dwight Howard’s jersey and wouldn’t let go.

It took personnel from both Heat and Lakers to pull the two fierce competitors apart. It set the tone for what is probably going to be a physical game 5. Take a look at Dwight Howard fighting Jimmy Butler.

After the two were separated you could see both players were shocked. You could tell they were both worried about being ejected, which would of been much worse in Jimmy Butler’s case.

Jimmy Butler fighting Dwight Howard is a testament to his inexperience of deep playoff runs. In an elimination game of the NBA Finals Jimmy Butler put his status in the game at jeopardy to almost throw hands with Dwight Howard.

Luckily for both players they where allowed to continue in the game. Could you imagine if Jimmy Butler got ejected for fighting Dwight Howard and Heat lost Game 5? It would probably haunt him for the rest of his career.

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