King Von’s manager is tired of the rumors being spread from people close to King Von after video footage of his death leaked. In a viral message King Von’s manager threatened to expose King Von’s family and ex girlfriend for allegedly spreading lies about the King Von shooting.

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King Von’s manager is accusing King Von’s family and people close to him of blaming people, when he claims they don’t know what happened or who was involved. He claims you can’t see everything that happened due to the camera angle in the video.

In his full statement King Von’s manager said, “Let one more person from outside that’s close to King Von keep on with all this goofy s***. I promise I will expose all that goofy s***. I was there and I got shot behind this. Ya’ll stop blaming people. You don’t even know what happened or who was involved. You see one camera angle, and think you have it figured out. That goes for ex-girlfriend, family, or who ever.

It’s not clear what rumors he is referring about the shooting, because there are so many out there at the moment. It will be sad if this situation turns into a feud between King Von’s manager and his family.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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