Lil Baby proclaimed he wants $100K for verses like prime Lil Wayne. In a viral rant Lil Baby says his $100K for a verse asking price is “cheap”. To put things in perspective, Lil Baby added he would feel offended if someone wanted a verse from him, but couldn’t pay $100K. He urged people to do their streaming research.

Hip Hop historians should remember Fabulous’ story about paying Lil Wayne $100K for a feature. Now that Lil Baby wants $100K a verse, he must feel he’s on prime Lil Wayne level. Based on the fact Lil Baby would feel offended if you don’t have $100K for a verse, you know he’s not feeling humble at all anymore.

Like Lil Baby says you got to “respect his hustle”, the man is trying to make as much money as he possibly can. However, the fact that his humbleness seems to be gone might rub some of his fans the wrong way.

Author: JordanThrilla