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Did P Diddy Come out the Closet as Gay in New Song “Hope” by Blood Orange?

Rumors are amidst that Sean Combs aka Puff Daddy came out the closest as a gay man on the new song Blood Orange song “Hope”. The lyrics and imagery have some people convinced that there is a very personal subliminal message being relayed to the world, in a way that leaves it up for interpretation.

Did P Diddy Come out the Closet on Blood Orange ‘Hope’?

In the music video as two men hug each other Puff Daddy is seen saying towards them, ‘sometimes I ask myself, what is it going to take for me not be afraid? To be loved the way I really want to love. The way I know I want to be loved, but I’m scared to really feel that way”.

In the video you can hear him saying this around the 3:05 mark.

Granted this could mean a lot of things, given the scenery in the video some people on social media feel that it is clear what he really means. They theorize that P Diddy is trapped in the closet, and trying to express his true feelings to test the waters of how the public would receive his truth.

Rumors about P Diddy and his preferences have been around for years. There are unproven rumors that P Diddy has secret gay orgies at his mansion.

In the public eye, he is most known for his lengthy relationship with Cassie. Maybe the relationship was his way of hiding all this time.