When the next generation gameplay footage of NBA 2k21 was first revealed, a video featuring Zion Williamson showed a massive leap in graphics. The lighting, textures, polygon count, ray tracing, and much more looked leaps and bounds better than the current gen PS4 and Xbox One.


However, when real next gen gameplay footage of NBA 2k21 was revealed this past week, it painted a much different picture. It looked like 2K sports pulled a fast one on fans with prerendered footage during the first reveal. The actual next gen gameplay footage of NBA 2K21 literally looked no different from current gen, and it gets much worse.

First take a look at the first footage 2K Sports released months ago in June.

That looks amazing right? Now take a look at actual next gen 2k21 gameplay footage released this past week, and what most of the reactions were saying.

2K Sports said they rebuilt this game from the ground up for next gen systems, but it appears they lied. It has the same animations we have seen for the past few years, the same glitches with players sliding, the same strange hoop physics, the same unnatural movements from players, and the same cartoon looking graphics. It looks like the players of playing Hockey for goodness sake.

Sadly NBA 2k14 on PS4 looks better than next gen NBA 2k21 as crazy it sounds. It’s easy see why people are very angry at how underwhelming the next gen NBA 2k21 looks and plays.

It’s starting to look like the next gen systems might be the smallest leap in graphical capabilities ever between two generations of systems, at least in terms of basketball games.

Author: JordanThrilla

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