Stone Cold Steve Austin cursed out a female fan for defending the confederate flag in a viral rant. In the comments of a post, a woman wrote a message saying the confederate flag was symbol of “southern pride and lineage”.

That’s when Stone Cold Steve Austin went on an epic rant about the Confederate Flag and the long history of slavery behind it. Stone Cold then cursed out the woman calling her “trash”, “racist”, and then he threw in a more than a few curse words and his legendary catch phrase “and that’s the bottom line”.

Stone Cold Steve Austin really hates that confederate flag. Many people on social media claim that racist people always assumed that Stone Cold Steve Austin was also racist. This was probably largely due to the character he portrayed as a professional wrestler.

It adds another layer of humor to the rant when you realize that some people might be finding out for the first time Stone Cold Steve Austin isn’t racist.

Author: JordanThrilla