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Young Thug Responds To Pusha T with a Deadly Threat and Calls His Verse Dissing Drake Trash

Young Thug responded to Pusha T with a deadly threat, and called his verse dissing Drake trash. In a viral rant video a stuttering Young Thug told Pusha T “We Kill For Real”. It was warning and a diss all at the same time.

This all started when Young Thug called out Pusha T for dissing Drake on a Pop Smoke track he was featured on. When Pusha T responded to him by letting him know some information about why the song wasn’t released, you knew Young Thug would respond.


To us it really sounds like Young Thug is trying his best to stay in Drake’s good graces. It almost seems like Young Thug is very afraid of Drake thinking that he was trying to diss him too. When Young Thug said “We Kill Forreal” to Pusha T, you could sense the desperation he is feeling inside about the situation. This seems more like Young Thug being scared of Drake, then Young Thug being mad at Pusha T.

Author: JordanThrilla

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