Zach Randolph isn’t playing in the NBA, but he is about to rule the sports headlines. Zach Randolph called his wife a “Hoe” on twitter. Zach Randolph said “I married a hoe” in a shocking tweet during Game 7 of Thunder vs Rockets. He didn’t provide anymore details, and added a face palm emoji.

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Zach Randolph has said he feels young with his new haircut, but he probably wasn’t ready to go through being cheated on again.

Zach Randolph was feeling good a few months ago, when people where mistaking him for Zion Williamson. Now his world might be crashing down because Zach Randolph just realized he married a “hoe”. Hopefully his wife didn’t cheat with one of his close friends.

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Let’s hope Zach Randolph can figure things out, and possibly save his marriage.

Author: JordanThrilla

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