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Joe Budden Exposed For Pleasuring Dogs Privates in Leaked Video

Just one day after an alleged phone call leaked of him threatening Cyn Santana, Joe Budden is now in the news for playing with dogs privates. A viral video leaked where Joe Budden says he pleasures dogs privates. The leaked video takes place during his podcast, but apparently they weren’t on air.

Joe Budden playing with dogs private adds to strange week that included Odell Beckham allegedly being defecated on, and leaked photo of Silento’s hole. Evelyn Woodsen was even clowning Joe Budden after getting exposed for his dog addiction.


Just when you thought things couldn’t get stranger for hip hop in 2020, Joe Budden pleasuring dogs is now ruling the headlines. It will be interesting see how Joe Budden responds to this video leaking.

This isn’t the type of news someone can stay quiet about. Pray for the dogs that spent nights with Joe Budden.

Author: JordanThrilla

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