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Rapper Nuke Bizzle Arrested by FEDS for EDD Unemployment Fraud After Rapping About EDD Debit Card Unemployment Fraud

Nuke Bizzle snitched on himself and got himself in some serious trouble with law. Rapper Nuke Bizzle was arrested by FEDS for EDD unemployment fraud after rapping about EDD debit card unemployment fraud. Police reports say Nuke Bizzle real name Fontrell Baines made over $1 Million in fraudulent unemployment claims during the coronavirus pandemic. Police allege he used several stolen identities to funnel money into different accounts, and live a lavish lifestyle in Hollywood Hills. He spent the money using around 7 different EDD debit cards.

The irony about his situation is Nuke Bizzle rapped about his unemployment fraud on his hit single EDD. The feds arrested him for everything he described in the video about his unemployment scheme with EDD debit cards. This is the epitome of Nuke Bizzle snitching on himself.

Take a listen to the song that helped FEDS arrest Nuke Bizzle.


Nuke Bizzle is accused of defrauding the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance section of the CARES Act, which was put in place to aid self employed workers.

Nuke Bizzle was able to amass over $1 Million from his EDD unemployment fraud scheme, so there’s no telling how much he would have made had he not snitched on himself.

FEDS arresting Nuke Bizzle for unemployment fraud after he rapped about unemployment fraud has to be one of the most embarrassing hip hop stories of 2020.

Author: JordanThrilla

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