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Tom Brady Keeps His Word as Antonio Brown AB Signs 1 Year Deal with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Months ago when Antonio Brown was still a free agent battling a civil suit, Tom Brady said he would try to get AB on his team. It finally became a reality for the second time when Antonio Brown signed a 1 year deal with Tampa Bay Buccaneers as reported by Adam Schefter.

Antonio Brown will have to pass other protocols such as COVID-19 testing, and the intricate details of his contract are still being discussed. Given the timeline he expected to make his debut during Week 9 vs Saints.

During his time off from the NFL Antonio Brown managed to stay in pristine shape, and launch a successful rap career. The video to his song “60 Minutes” conveys how dedicated he was to staying ready for another chance the NFL, and exploring other endeavors just in case that chance never came.

During his short stint with the Patriots last season Antonio Brown caught 4 passes and averaged 14 yards per catch. He seemed to be fitting in with Patriots’ short passing offense flawlessly, then was let go out of the blue.

Now AB has a chance to make history with the one quarterback who looked out for him when he was out the league, Tom Brady. AB signing with Tampa Bay Buccaneers gives his football career new a lifeline.

Perhaps Antonio Brown will make a hit single about Tom Brady, like he did for Andrew Luck.

Author: JordanThrilla

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