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Trae Young Gay?: Trae Young Twitter Account Hacked and Sends Out Gay Tweets About Liking Big Endowment, Joe Biden, and Lakers

Is Trae Young gay? Trae Young’s Twitter account was hacked today, leading to a series of strange tweets. Trae Young’s gay tweets stole the show, but his hacked twitter account also dissed Joe Biden and the Lakers, and Heat.

Trae Young’s hacked twitter account sent out gay tweets about him liking men with big endowment size. Trae Young’s hacked twitter also said Joe Biden needs a “c*** slap”. One tweet from Trae Young’s account threatened shooting the Heat. Trae Young called the Lakers “trash” in the alleged hacked tweets.

Take a look.

The question remains was Trae Young really hacked, or is he lying? Could it be possible that Trae Young is coming out the closet under the veil of alleging he was hacked?

The last time an NBA player got hacked it was Giannis Antetokoumpo, and that led to his twitter account being temporarily shut down. Only time will tell if Trae Young shuts down his account while the hacking is investigated.

Atlanta’s season is over, but Trae Young’s twitter account getting hacked and sending out gay tweets will have the Hawks back in the news.

Author: JordanThrilla

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