A video showing alleged ANTIFA attacking Trump supporters in San Francisco, and police rescuing them is going viral. Reports alleged ANTIFA was throwing eggs, glass bottles, rocks at Trump Supporters in San Francisco. The situation became so dangerous that Police escorted the Trump supporters to safety.

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Take a look at the police rescue cars speeding to rescue people from the alleged ANTIFA attacking Trump Supporters.

It’s not often you see Trump Supporters getting physically attacked by ANTIFA or anybody for that matter, as this is being reported. Usually, it’s the other way around and you see Trump supporters as the aggressors. The speed the Police escort cars were driving to rescue the Trump Supporters from alleged ANTIFA attack shows it must of been a very serious situation.

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Hopefully no one was hurt on either side of things. There has been more than enough political violence in 2020.

Author: JordanThrilla

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